B-Line™ is the latest development in floor advertising and is an effective and sustainable in-store communication medium for retailers and advertisers. With its exceptional design, B-Line™ is unique in both appearance and application. This allows the B-Line™ to be placed against virtually any shelving ystem or service counter.

And like all Windo® products, the B-Line™ can be simply updated by inserting new graphics.

Display format B-Line™ 2: 100 x 14 cm
Poster format: 98 x 14,8 cm
Height backside: 8 cm
Weight: 2,2kg

✔ Reusable for all your promotions
✔ High quality and exceptional design
✔ Update graphics quickly and easily
✔ Easy to maintain and reposition
✔ Anti-slip bottom requires no messy adhesives
✔ Transparant inlay protects your graphics

Price B-Line2: from CHF 105.00 excl. VAT

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